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Choosing the Right Cycle

Remember to check clothing labels before you begin to ensure that garments are bleach compatible.

If you wish to use bleach please select the BLEACH option by using the OPTIONS button. The bleach will be diluted and automatically released into the wash at the correct stage in the cycle. This ensures maximum bleach efficiency and optimum clothes care. If the BLEACH option is not selected, bleach will not be dispensed into the wash and will drain safely away prior to the end of the cycle.

When washing white items, select the WHITES cycle for best performance with bleach. If your model of washer does not offer a WHITES cycle, we recommend you select the REGULAR cycle for best performance with bleach. When washing colored items, please ensure you use color-safe bleach.

How Much Bleach do I Use and Where do I Put It?

Liquid Bleach

Your AquaSmartTM washer requires less bleach than traditional top loading washers. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosage. Pour the recommended dosage of bleach into a measuring cup with a spout, then carefully pour this into the bleach dispenser ensuring that it does not fill higher than the MAX level. Adjust the amount of bleach you use to the load size, eg for smaller loads use less bleach.

429118 Fig.20 Adding Bleach.PNG

Fig.20 Adding Bleach into the Bleach dispenser

  • Do not fill the bleach dispenser above the MAX fill mark.
  • Do not pour undiluted, liquid chlorine bleach directly onto clothes.
  • Use only liquid chlorine bleach in this dispenser.

  • To avoid splashing and spills we recommend the use of a cup with a pouring spout.


Both liquid and powdered color-safe bleach can be used in your AquaSmartTM washer.

  • If you use a powdered detergent, use a powdered color-safe bleach (however add this to the detergent dispenser
    NOT the bleach dispenser. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions).
  • If you are using liquid detergent, use a liquid color-safe bleach (add the bleach to the bleach dispenser. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions).
  • If you are using bleach pods place in the basket prior to adding laundry. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Failure to follow the instructions above could result in damage to clothing.

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