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Hot and cold water lights flashing


Possible Cause What to Do


Turning off the taps first, disconnect the two inlet hoses from the straight (tap) end before carefully turning the taps back on to check the water flow.

Inlet hoses - filters

Filters inside the two inlet hoses connecting your washer to the taps can become blocked. Turning off the taps first, unscrew the hoses at the machine end. Remove filters with nose pliers and clean if required.

Inlet hoses – kinks  

Straighten any kinks along the two inlet hoses that connect your washer to the taps as these can restrict water flow. If the kinks return, you may need to replace the hoses.


When the end of the drain hose is lower than the water level inside your washer, water drains or ‘siphons’ as your washer fills. Check the drain hose is inserted into the standpipe by no more than 20mm. The standpipe should be 850-1200mm in height. Refer to 'Drain Hose Installation' in your User Guide for further information.

Water pressure too low

Test the water pressure elsewhere in your household as this can affect wash temperature.

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