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Not Cooling / Less Cooling



Possible Cause What to Do

Temperature control – fridge

Try lowering the temperature using the internal display panel inside the fridge section.

Food quantity

If you have recently placed a large amount of food in the fridge, keep the door closed and give it time to return to temperature.  

Make sure that no food has been placed in front of the Air outlets at the back of the fridge, as this will inhibit air flow into the compartment.

Door seals

Check the seals around the internal edge of the door/drawer for wear and tear.  If they need to be replaced, contact our Customer Care team.

Defrost Try turning your Refrigerator OFF at the power supply.  Put a towel down on the floor to protect your floor from any water damage. Once defrost is complete turn power supply back ON and wait for freezer to get back to temperature (this may take up to 2 hours).  


Located low down the back of the unit, the compressor is the ‘engine’ of your refrigerator. It should be warm or making a low humming noise.

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