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Customizing Dryer Cycles

To Customize a Cycle

You can program your AeroCare dryer to remember the drying options you prefer for each drying cycle. For instance, you may want to set the REGULAR cycle to operate the WRINKLE FREE option every cycle, or set the TIME DRY cycle to a lower DRYING TEMP.

  1. Touch POWER.
  2. Select the cycle you wish to customize.
  3. Touch and hold the button of the preferred option you want to customize, eg DRYING TEMP, for three seconds. You will hear two quick beeps and the cycle icon will flash. The screen will display “SEt”.
  4. Select your preferred setting for this option, and any other options you wish to customize for the cycle (ie you can customize other options at this point also).
Some options may not be selectable for clothes care reasons. The dryer will beep to alert you when settings cannot be selected for that cycle.
  1. Touch the START/PAUSE button to store your customized cycle. A long beep will sound to confirm that your changes have been saved.

To modify your customized drying cycle again, simply repeat these steps. To return all drying cycles to their factory default settings, please refer to the "Factory Reset" section.


Fig.54 Customizing a drying cycle, eg customizing the WRINKLE FREE option to operate for every REGULAR cycle

The control panel may differ depending on what model of dryer you have

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