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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Installation Sequence

Follow the installation sequence relevant to your cabinetry.


NOTE: Product is designed for Flush inset installation only.


RS36A80J and RS36A80U models


Frameless Cabinetry
(Frameless: Aligns the product with the cabinetry)

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.40.02 AM.png

Framed Cabinetry
(Framed: Aligns the product with the frame of the cabinetry)

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.40.21 AM.png

1. Safety and Warnings
2. Before Installation
3. Components List
4. Maximum distance of Hose and Power Cord
5. Product and Cavity dimensions
6. Cavity preparations
7. Custom Door Panel dimensions

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.42.17 AM.png

9. Attach Side Base Brackets and Door Studs
10. Connect to Water and Electrical Supply
11. Pre-Aligning your Product
12. Install Water Filter Cartridge and Kickstrips
13. Assemble Door Panel Set
14. Hanging Ice & Water Dispensing Door Panel
15. Hanging Non-Water Dispensing Door Panel
16. Ice and Water Initiation
17. Attach Fixings Brackets
18. Attach Covers and Toekick
19. Attach Bottom Kickstrip
20. Attach Side Trim Brackets
21. Attach Side Trim
22. Adjusting Hinge Tensioning Screws
23. Final Checklist


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