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Custom Door Panel Dimensions


Note: Top trim supplied for 84” (2134 mm) installation


Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.25.25 AM.png


RS36W80RJ or RS36W80RJC models shown only.
When designing custom door panels, these are only available for non-Water dispensing models.
Custom Panel Dimensions RS36W80J
Inches (mm)
A. Height of top door panel 45 5/16 – 49 5/16” (1150 – 1252)
B. Width of top door and bottom drawer panel 35 11/16” (906)
C. Height of bottom drawer panel* 28 3/8 – 30 3/8” (722 – 772)
D. Height from bottom of product to top of bottom drawer panel 34 3/8” (874)
E.  Gap between top door panel and bottom drawer panel 5/32” (4)
F. Height of toe kick panel* 4 – 6” (102 – 152)
G. Depth of custom panels min. 5/8, max. 3/4” (min. 16, max. 19)
Maximum weight of top door panel** 44 lbs (20 kg)
Maximum weight of bottom drawer panel** 24 1/4 lbs (11 kg)

Custom door panels to be manufactured and fitted by cabinetmaker.
Door handle kit is available as an optional accessory.

*Stainless steel toe kick, height 4” (102mm) is supplied with the appliance. For integrated installation, a custom toe kick 4 – 6” (102 – 152mm) can be manufactured and fitted by cabinetmaker. The bottom grille can be reduced to allow for a higher toe kick. Adjust the height of the bottom drawer panel accordingly.

**Includes weight of handle.


The drawings below apply to non-Water dispensing models only (RS36W80(R/L)J/RS36W80(R/L)JC). Dimensions apply for the preparation and installation of custom door panels.

For Dwg and Dxf files of the below panel preparation download the folder on or

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Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.39.51 AM.png
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