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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Using Your Oven


Before Using your New Oven, Please

  1. Read this user guide, taking special note of the ‘Safety and warnings’ section.
  2. Remove all accessories and packaging. Peel the protective film off all surfaces and accessories.
  3. Set the clock. The oven will not work until the clock has been set. See ‘To set the clock’.
  4. Slide in the shelves you will need, making sure that:
  • They are between the two wires of a shelf position;
  • The stop notches point down;
  • The bigger guard rail is at the back.
  1. Heat the oven on maximum for:
  • 60 minutes in theimage.png position
  • 30 minutes in theposition2.png position
  • 15 minutes in theposition3.png position
  • There will be a distinctive smell while you are conditioning your oven. This is normal, but make sure your kitchen is well ventilated during the conditioning.
  1. Once cooled, wipe out the oven with a damp cloth and mild detergent, and dry thoroughly.

Using your Oven - correct pos of shelves.PNG

Correct Position of Shelves

Using your Oven - function and temp dials.PNG

Function and Temperature Dials


1. Select a Function

Rotate the function dial to select a function

  • The function indicator light will come on.
  • The preset function temperature will flash in the display. (Each cooking function has a preset temperature).

If you wish to use the oven at the preset
temperature :
Press the  image.png button and the oven will turn on and heat up. The display will revert to show the actual oven temperature. the image.png indicator will show in the display.  

If you selectimage.png , the display will show image.png and the oven will turn on. The temperature cannot be adjusted when
using this function.

If the display is steadily lit and you wish to change the temperature either:

  1. Rotate the temperature dial; or
  2. Press theimage.png image.pngbutton and use the image.png and image.png buttons to increase or decrease temperature.


 2a. Adjust the Temperature

There are two ways to set the temperature while the display is flashing:

  • Rotate the temperature dial (clockwise to increase and anticlockwise to decrease the temperature);


  • Use the image.png and image.png buttons to increase or decrease the set temperature.
  • Press the image.png button. After a few seconds, the display will stop flashing and the oven will turn on and heat up. The display will revert to show the actual oven temperature.
  • The image.png indicator will show in the display
The temperature indicator light will come on.


3. When the Oven is Preheating and During Cooking

  • The indicator image.png will show in the display.
  • When the oven has reached the set temperature the image.png indicator and the 
    temperature indicator light will go out.
These indicators may turn on and off during cooking as the oven maintains the set temperature. 

4a. To Check the Set Temperature

  • Press the 2018-01-11_13314.png button. The display will flash showing the set temperature.
  • After a few seconds the display will return to the actual oven temperature and the display will be steadily lit.

4b. To Check the Time of Day

  • Press theimage.png button. After a few seconds the display will show the oven temperature again.


5. When you have Finished Cooking

  • Turn the function dial to OFF to turn the oven off.
If you change functions during cooking (eg from BAKE to BROIL) you will need to press image.png the button again.
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