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AC Line Voltage:

Single phase 120V, 60hz, AC only

AC power Required:

1650 watts, 13.8 amps.

Output power:


1200 watts*

(IEC Test procedure)


2450 Mhz

Outside Dimensions:

24"(W) x 13 3/8"(h) x 19 1/8"(D)

Cavity Dimensions:

17 3/8"(W) x 10 1/2"(h) x 18 5/8"(D)

Oven Capacity:

2.0 Cu. Ft.

Cooking Uniformity:

Turntable system


Approx. 46 lb
★ The International Electrotechnical Commission’s standardized method for measuring output wattage. This test method is widely recognized.

In compliance with standards set by:

FCC Federal Communications Commission Authorized.
DHHS Complies with Department of health and human Services (DHHS) rule, CFR, Title 21, Chapter I, Subchapter J.
M42.JPG This symbol on the nameplate means the product is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
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