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About Your New Cooktop

Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel gas cooktop. We recommend you read the whole guide before using your new cooktop, for both safety and cooking success. For more information, visit our local website

Safety Feature: Auto-Reignition

Auto-reignition is for your convenience and safety. The auto-reignition feature causes the ignitors to spark automatically and the burner to relight if a flame blows out or if the flame is severely distorted by a draft or a cooktop ventilation system.

Before Using the Cooktop for the First Time

  • Read this user guide, taking special notice of the ‘Safety and Warnings’ section.
  • Check that the pan supports are all in place and stable, and the flame spreaders, burner caps and rings are all seated correctly.
  • Check that the installer has completed the ‘Final checklist’ in the Installation instructions.
  • Ensure the power supply to the cooktop is turned on.
  1. Semi-Rapid Burner
  2. Rapid Burner
  3. Dual Wok Burner
  4. Auxiliary Burner
  5. Mini Wok Burner
  6. Control Dials

Cooktop Layout - CG244D

Cooktop Layout - CG305D & CG365D
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