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Guidelines for Using the Cooktop Burners



  • All burners have the same low turn-down setting (SIM) for gentle simmering (1,200 BTU/hr). Use the SIM setting for melting chocolate and butter, cooking rice and delicate sauces, simmering soups and stews, and keeping cooked food hot.
  • For cooking that requires especially intense heat (eg searing meat, wok-cooking, stir-frying), use the D burners, as these have a higher maximum output (20,000 BTU/hr for Natural gas) than the other burners (15,000 BTU/hr for Natural gas).
  • Never leave the cooktop unattended when in use. Boilover causes smoking and greasy spills that may ignite.
  • Never allow flames to extend beyond cookware or curl up its sides. This could discolor and damage the utensil and you may get burned touching a hot handle. 
  • Keep handles out of the way. Turn handles so that they don’t extend over the edge of the cooktop or another burner that is on.
  • Take care when deep-frying. Oil or fat can overheat very quickly, particularly on a high setting.
  • Make sure that all burner parts are properly in place. Incorrectly or incompletely assembled burners may produce dangerous flames. See ‘Replacing the burner parts’ in ‘Care and cleaning’.
  • Keep the burners clean. Especially after a spill or boilover, make sure you clean the affected burners before using them again. Food residue may clog the ignitor and the  notches of the flame spreader, stopping the burner from functioning correctly.  See ‘Care and cleaning’ for instructions.
  • Check that the burner flames are regular. They should be blue with no yellow tipping, and burn without fluttering all around the burner cap. If not, see ‘Troubleshooting’ for advice.
  • Use woks only with a wok ring. Wok rings can be purchased separately through your Fisher & Paykel dealer or Customer Care. To use, place the wok ring over the grates,  making sure the small protrusions on its bottom straddle the grate fingers. The wok ring should be stable and unable to rotate.


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