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Proper Ventilation Requirements



Important Information:

Ventilation hoods and blowers are designed for use with single wall ducting. However, some local building codes or inspectors may require double wall ducting. Consult local building codes and/or local agencies before starting, to ensure that hood and duct installation will meet local requirements. Hood blower speeds should be variable to reduce noise and loss of heated or air conditioned household air when maximum ventilation is not required.
For best smoke elimination, the lower edge of the hood should BE INSTALLED A MINIMUM OF 30” TO A MAXIMUM OF 36” ABOVE THE COOKING SURFACE. If the hood contains any combustible materials (ie a wood covering) it must be a minimum of 36” above the cooking surface. Due to a high volume of ventilation air, a source of outside replacement air is recommended. This is particularly important for tightly sealed and insulated homes. 
A reputable heating and ventilating contractor should be consulted. 


Ventilation Requirements:

Standard Counter Installation Recommendations

Ventilation Req.PNG

As defined in the 'National Fuel Gas Code' (ANSI Z2231.1, Latest Edition).  The horizontal surfaces of the range top (cooktop) trim must not be below the counter top level.

See manufacturers recommendations for ducting specifications.




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