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Prior to Installation


  • The cavity is square and level, and of the required dimensions.
  • The installation will comply with all clearance requirements and applicable standards and regulations.
  • The power switch will be easily accessible to the customer when the warming drawer is installed.
  • The warming drawer (and any product on top of it) will rest on a surface that can support its weight.
  • The height from the floor suits the customer.
  • You consult local building authorities and by-laws if in doubt regarding installation.


If Installing with a Companion Product

  • If installing with a companion product please refer to the installation instructions of that product to ensure the installation requirements of BOTH products are met.
  • When installing products on top of the warming drawer, the weight of the product should be distributed across the edges of the warming drawer.
  • Products above which rest on ‘feet’ may only be installed if the feet of the product lie within 2 3/4” (70mm) of the sides of the warming drawer,  as this area is reinforced.  Failure to do this may result in damage to the warming drawer and companion product.


Prior to Installation.PNG

Warming Drawer can withstand a maximum weight of 132lb (60kg)




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