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Coffee Maker - Displayed Messages


Displayed Message Possible Cause What to Do

Displayed Mess_Fill Tank with Fresh Water.PNG

Fill Tank with Fresh Water

Insufficient water in the tank.  Fill the tank with water and ensure that it is inserted correctly, pushing it as far as it will go until it clicks into place.

Displayed Mess_Insert Water Tank.PNG

Insert Water Tank

The tank is not correctly in place. Insert the tank correctly and press as far as it will go.

Displayed Mess_Empty Grounds Cont.PNG

Empty Grounds Container

The grounds container is full.

Empty the grounds container and drip tray, clean and place it back in the appliance.

Note-Icon.png When removing the drip tray, the grounds container must be emptied, even if it contains few grounds. If this is not done, when you make the next  drinks, the grounds container  may fill up more than expected  and clog the machine.

Displayed Mess_Insert Grounds Cont.PNG

Insert Grounds Container

After cleaning, the grounds container has not been re-inserted. Remove the drip tray and insert the grounds container.

Displayed Mess_Add Pre-ground coffee.PNG

Add Pre-Ground Coffee, Coffee MAX. 1 Measure


The ‘pre-ground coffee’ function has been selected without placing any pre-ground coffee
in the funnel.
Place pre-ground coffee in the funnel and repeat delivery.
The pre-ground coffee funnel is clogged. Empty the funnel as described in section ‘Cleaning the pre-ground coffee funnel.’

Displayed Mess_Add Coffee.PNG

Add Coffee, Coffee MAX. 1 Measure

A long coffee with pre-ground coffee has been
Place pre-ground coffee in the funnel and press Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNGto continue and complete delivery.

Displayed Mess_Fill Beans Container.PNG

Fill Beans Container

The coffee beans have run out. Fill the beans container.

Displayed Mess_Grounds too fine.PNG

Ground too fine.  Adjust Mill 1 click while in Operation


The grinding is too fine and the coffee is delivered too slowly or not at all. Repeat coffee delivery and turn the grinding adjustment dial one click clockwise towards ‘7’ while the coffee mill is in operation. If after making at least two coffees, delivery is still too slow, repeat the correction procedure, turning the grinding adjustment dial another click until delivery is  correct (see section ‘Adjusting the coffee mill’).  If the problem persists, make sure the water tank is fully inserted.
If you’re using a water softener filter, an air bubble may have been released inside the circuit, obstructing delivery. Deliver some water through the hot water spout until the flow becomes regular.

Displayed Mess_Select a milder taste.PNG

Select a Milder Taste or Reduce Pre-Ground Coffee Quantity

Too much coffee has been used. Select a milder strength by pressing STRENGTH Making Coffee_Strength.PNGor reduce the quantity of pre-ground coffee (maximum 1 measure).

Displayed Mess_Insert Water Spout.PNG

Insert Water Spout

The hot water spout is not inserted or is not inserted correctly. Insert the water spout as far as it will go.

Displayed Mess_Insert Milk Container.PNG

Insert Milk Container

The milk container is not inserted correctly. Insert the milk container as far as it will go.

Displayed Mess_Insert Infuser Assembly.PNG

Insert Infuser Assembly

The infuser has not been replaced after cleaning. Insert the infuser as described in section ‘Cleaning the infuser’.

Displayed Mess_Water Circuit Empty.PNG

Water Circuit Empty Press OK to Start Filling Process

The water circuit is empty. Press Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNGto deliver water from the spout until it flows out normally.  Delivery stops automatically.  If the  problem persists, make sure the water tank is fully inserted.

Displayed Mess_Press ok to start cleaning.PNG

Press Ok to Start Cleaning Process or Turn Milk Froth Adjustment Dial

The milk container has been inserted with the froth adjustment dial in the CLEAN position. To proceed with the CLEAN function, press Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNGor turn the froth adjustment dial to one of the milk positions.

Displayed Mess_Turn dial to clean.PNG

Turn Dial to <Clean> Position to Start Cleaning

Milk has been delivered recently and the tubes
inside the milk container must be cleaned.
Turn the froth adjustment dial to CLEAN.

Displayed Mess_Turn Milk froth dial adj.PNG

Turn the Milk Froth Adjustment Dial to Milk Position

The milk container has been inserted with the froth adjustment dial in the CLEAN position. Turn the dial to the required froth position.

Displayed Mess_Descaling needed.PNG

Descaling Needed Press OK to Start (~45 min)

The machine must be descaled. Press Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNGto start descaling or BACK to descale later. The descaling procedure described in section ‘Descale’ needs to be performed.

Displayed Mess_Descaling needed.PNG

Replace Water Filter Press OK to Start

The water softener filter is exhausted. Press Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNGto replace or remove the filter, or BACK to carry out the procedure later. Follow the instructions in section ‘Water softener filter’.

Displayed Mess_General Alarm.PNG

General Alarm:  Refer to 'Cleaning' in the User Guide

The inside of the appliance is very dirty. Clean the inside of the appliance thoroughly, as  described in section ‘Cleaning’. If the message is still displayed after cleaning, contact Customer Care.
Displayed Mess_App needs descaling.PNG The appliance needs descaling and/or the filter
must be replaced.
The descaling procedure described in the ‘Descale’ section, needs to be performed and/or the filter needs
replacing or removing as described in section ‘Water softener filter’.
Displayed Mess_Tube inside Milk Cont needs cleaning.PNG The tubes inside the milk container must be cleaned.

Displayed Mess_Tube inside Milk Cont needs cleaning#2.PNG

Turn the froth adjustment dial to CLEAN.

Displayed Mess_Filter needs to be replaced.PNG The filter must be replaced. Replace the filter or remove it as described in section ‘Water softener filter’.
Displayed Mess_Descaling MUST be done.PNG The machine must be descaled. The descaling procedure described in section ‘Descale’ needs to be performed.

Auto Start_Coffee.jpg


The auto-start function is enabled. To disable the function, proceed as described in sectioN ‘Auto start’.

Energy Save_Coffee.jpg


Energy saving is enabled. To disable energy saving, proceed as described in section ‘Energy saving’.
Displayed Mess_Indicates Filter Enabled.PNG Indicates that the filter has been enabled To remove the filter, proceed as described in section ‘Water softener filter’.
CLEANING UNDERWAY PLEASE WAIT The appliance has detected impurities in its internal circuits. Wait for the appliance to be ready for use again and reselect the required beverage. Contact Customer Care if the problem persists.
APPLIANCE TOO HOT Using the appliance continuously for long periods may cause the appliance to overheat. Wait for the appliance to cool down.



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