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Troubleshooting Chart

If there is a problem, check the chart below to see if you can fix it. If the problem cannot be fixed or persists, call your Authorized Repairer or Customer Care.



Problem Possible Cause What to Do
The oven does not work No power. Check that the mains power supply (wall switch) is turned on, the fuse has not tripped and there is no power outage in your area.
The clock has not been set. The oven will not work unless the clock is set. See ‘Setting the clock’.
The oven does not work but the display is lit The oven is set for automatic cooking. See ‘Automatic cooking’ for instructions.
The lights do not come on when I open the oven door

The oven light bulb(s) have blown. Replace the light bulb(s). See ‘Care & Cleaning’ for instructions.
The door is not correctly fitted. See ‘Care & Cleaning’ for instructions on fitting the door correctly.
The oven is in Sabbath setting and the ‘Light off’  option has been saved. To quit Sabbath setting, touch and hold the cancel control. See ‘User preference settings’ for instructions on changing the ‘Light off’ option.
The temperature indicator is blank and the dials and controls are unresponsive The control panel is locked. Touch and hold the select or cancel control to unlock the control panel.
The oven is not heating The door is not properly closed or it is opened too frequently during cooking. The heating elements are disabled while the door is open.
Make sure the door is properly closed and avoid opening it frequently during cooking.
A glass pane in the oven door has cracked, chipped, or shattered Incorrect cleaning or the edge of the glass hitting against something. You must NOT use the oven.
Call your Authorized Repairer or Customer Care.
I can feel hot air blowing out of the vents after I have turned the oven off This is normal. For safety reasons the cooling fans will continue to run even when you have turned the function dial to ‘Off’. The fans will switch off automatically when  the oven has cooled.
The oven fan comes on when I select a function
that does not use a fan (eg bake or classic bake)
This is normal.
The fan comes on while the oven is preheating. It may turn off when the oven has reached the set temperature.
Wait until a long tone sounds and the temperature dial halo turns white: the oven will then be ready to use.
The oven has reached the set temperature but the temperature dial halo is still red (indicating that the oven is not ready to use) This is normal: when heating up from cold, your oven is designed to initially heat to a temperature  somewhat higher than what you have set. This is to provide optimal baking conditions right from the start. Wait until a long tone sounds and the temperature dial halo turns white: the oven will then be ready to use.
The oven is heating but the display is dark
The oven is set to ‘Display off’ option. To quit the ‘Display off’ option, touch and hold the cancel X control until the display shows the time of day.
The oven is in Sabbath setting. To quit Sabbath setting, touch and hold the cancel X control until the display shows the time of day.
The oven cancels automatic cooking when I try to  adjust the clock setting The oven was set for automatic cooking when you were trying to adjust the clock setting. You can only adjust the clock setting while the oven is not set for automatic cooking.
The oven sounds a tone when I try to turn the  temperature dial OFF or below a certain temperature This is normal: for food safety reasons, the oven functions have factory-set minimum temperature settings. The temperature dial itself cannot be ‘turned off’.
Selecting Off Compact Oven OFF Display.PNG with the function dial will turn the oven off.
The temperature dial halo never turns white when I use Broil Broil.PNG This is normal: the halo stays red to indicate that the broil element provides instant radiant heat.
The displays work, and the function and temperature dials halos come on but the oven does not heat up The oven is in ‘Demo’ mode. Call Customer Care.


Self Clean Function (some models Only)

Problem Possible Cause What to Do
During a Self Clean cycle, the oven is louder than usual This is normal: the oven’s cooling fans operate at their highest speed.
The display shows 0:00 but the oven door will not open The oven door is locked because the oven is still too hot to be used for cooking. Wait until the Self Clean cycle has finished. If you cancelled a Self Clean cycle which was already underway, the oven still needs to cool down before it can be used. The oven door will automatically unlock.
At a point during a Self Clean cycle, the function dial halo goes out and the temperature indicator starts displaying cascading bars Cascading Bars.PNG This is normal: the oven is in the last phase of the Self Clean cycle, cooling down. Wait until the Self Clean cycle has finished. A long tone will sound and the oven door will automatically unlock when the oven is ready to use.
I have cancelled a Self Clean cycle but cannot use the oven:
  • The oven door will not open
  • The display is still counting down minutes or showing 0:00
  • The Self Clean Self Clean Indicator.PNG function indicator is still lit the temperature indicator shows cascading bars Cascading Bars.PNG
  • The dials and controls are unresponsive.
This is normal: if the function dial halo is unlit, you have successfully cancelled the Self Clean cycle.
However, the oven is still too hot to be used for  cooking and needs to cool down.

Wait until the cool-down phase has finished. A long tone will sound and the oven door will automatically unlock when the oven is ready to use.

Note-Icon.png Depending on when the Self Clean cycle was cancelled, the cool-down phase may take up to 45 minutes.
The oven is beeping and the display shows A2 Door Lock Fault.PNG or A3 Fault.JPG See section ‘Alert codes’ for instructions.
There is a power cut during a Self Clean cycle Power cut. The door will remain locked. Once the power is turned back on, the door will remain locked until the oven has cooled to a safe temperature.




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