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Controls & Indicators



Control Panel

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Indicators Description


Opening the drawer will automatically turn the dishwasher on.  If the dishwasher is in an idle state,
touch any button to reactivate it.

1. Wash program indicators

If lit:
The wash program has been selected.

3.  Wash modifier indicators

If lit:
The wash modifier has been selected. The wash program length and temperature will be modified accordingly.

2. Lock indicator

If lit:
Keylock or childlock is activated.

4.  Delay start indicator

If lit:
Delay start is set. The wash program will start after the selected time delay (1-12h)


Wash Program Description
Heavy Heavily soiled pots, pans and dishes.
Medium Dishes that are quite heavily soiled or food soils that have been left to dry overnight.
Eco (default setting) Normally soiled dishes for optimum water and energy usage.  The US/Canada Energy Guide is based on this program.
Fast Lightly soiled dishes.
Delicate Lightly soiled and heat sensitive crockery.
Rinse Prevents odours and soils from drying on dishes.


Controls Description

A.  Wash Program Selector

Press Forward Button.JPG to scroll through the wash program options.

See above table for program descriptions.

B.  Wash Modifier Selector

Press Wash Modifier Selector.PNG to scroll through the wash modifier options.

Note-Icon.png Not all modifiers are available for all wash programs.

Disables all the buttons (helpful when cleaning the dishwasher).
To activate:
Press and hold Wash Modifier Selector.PNG until you hear a tone. The lock indicator will light up.

Disables all the buttons and locks the drawer closed (preventing unauthorised use by children).
To activate:
Press and hold Wash Modifier Selector.PNG until you hear two tones. The lock indicator will light up.
To cancel keylock/childlock:
If the drawer is open
Press and hold  Wash Modifier Selector.PNGuntil you hear a tone.
The lock indicator will go out.
If the drawer is closed

Knock three times on the door.

C.  Start Selector (either on door or inner control panel) To start wash:
Press ► to start the wash.
To Pause:
Knock twice on the door of the dishwasher.
  • Wait for three short and one long tone before opening the drawer.
  • Forcing it open mid cycle may cause damage or injury.
  • If the drawer is not restarted within seven minutes it will sound intermittently until it is restarted.

Delay start
Press and hold ► to set the delay start time. Each tone indicates a 1h delay (up to 12h). The delay start indicator will light up.

  • If you scroll past 12h the dishwasher will exit delay start.
  • To re-enter delay start follow step 1 above.  The wash will start when the delay time is over, provided the drawer is closed.

DD24 models only (USCA)
If drawer is not closed within 4 seconds of setting delay start, OR If the drawer is opened after delay start has been set (for example, to load more dishes), delay start will be suspended.
To resume:
Press ► and close the drawer.
Cancel wash/delay start
Press and hold ►

  • If there is any water in the drawer, it will automatically drain before the dishwasher turns off.




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