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Before you do your first wash

You owe it to yourself and your washer to have your washer installed correctly.

Before you start, it is a good idea to go through the following checklist:

  1. Has the base packer been removed? (refer to ‘Installation Instructions’ section).
  2. Is the drain hose threaded through the ‘U bend’ (with no more than 20mm extended) and hooked into your tub or standpipe? (refer to ‘Installation Instructions’ section).
  3. Is the hot hose connected to the Hot valve marked ‘H’? Is the cold hose connected to the Cold valve marked ‘C’? (refer to ‘Installation Instructions’ section).
  4. Is the washer correctly levelled, feet are extended and cabinet corners are clear of the floor? (refer to ‘Installation Instructions’ section).

If you bought a QuickSmart™ model, it is a good idea to check the warm fill temperature (refer to ‘Changing pre-set options — Wash temperatures’).

WashSmart™ washer and QuickSmart™ washer capacities

The table below outlines what is included in a 5.5kg and 6.0kg wash load (in accordance with AS/NZS 2040.1:2005).

Wash Load 5.5kg 6.0kg
Sheets (double) 2 2
Bath towels 4 5
Tablecloths 2 2
Shirts 2 3
T-Shirts 3 3
Pillowcases 4 4
Shorts 3 3
Washcloths 5 4
Handkerchiefs 4 5
Note-Icon.png The above load composition is indicative only. We recommend for everyday use that you separate out your sheets and towels and wash them separately on the ‘Regular’ cycle.
Note-Icon.png The WA75T56M and WA8056G models have a different capacity based on country standards. Refer to the serial plate on the back of the product.
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