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Machine information


Model Capacity Depth Width Height* Height (lid open)
WA1068G 10.0 kg 700 mm 685 mm 1020 – 1050 mm 1410 – 1440 mm 

*Height is measured to the highest point on the console.

  • The exact height of your washer is dependent on how far the feet are extended from the base of the machine.
  • Depth of the machine is the cabinet only, ie this does not include the distance the hoses and drainpipe extend out from the back of the cabinet. Another 50 mm should be allowed for in the installation cavity to accommodate the inlet hoses and drain hose.
  • Electrical supply: 220 V – 240 V, 50 Hz Sinusoidal, 10 A
  • Inlet water static pressure: Max. 1 MPa (150 psi), Min. 34 KPa (5 psi) 
  • Inlet water flow rate at tap: Min. 6 litres / min
  • Standpipe height: 850 – 2400 mm
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