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CleanSmart safety features

Lid lock

The lid of your CleanSmart™ washer is locked during the wash cycle, ensuring safety for you and your family while it is operating.

The ‘Lid locked’ light (above the START / PAUSE button) is illuminated when the lid lock is activated, letting you know at a glance if you can open the lid or not.

To unlock the lid at any time during the cycle touch START / PAUSE.

The lid will be locked from the start of the wash to the end, unless START / PAUSE is pressed.

If the lid is left open, your CleanSmart™ washer will be unable to lock the lid, and the cycle will be halted. The machine will beep to alert you and display a warning message on the screen. If this occurs, ensure that the lid is closed and touch START / PAUSE.


Do not put anything down the lid lock slot in the top deck of your machine.
Do not try to disable the lid lock.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.09.50 PM.png
Fig.10 Lid lock

Auto drain

  • Unsupervised clothes washers filled with water can present a drowning hazard to small children. In order to minimise any risk of this type of accident, your CleanSmart™ has been pre-programmed to know when this potential hazard is created and drain the wash water to a safe level.
  • If you pause your CleanSmart™ at any time during the wash cycle when there is water in the bowl, the machine will activate the AUTO DRAIN function after 3 minutes. This will drain the water in the wash bowl to an acceptable level, minimising any potential hazard.
  • A message (“Adr”) will be displayed on the digital display while AUTO DRAIN is in operation. The cycle can be restarted at any time by touching START / PAUSE.
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