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The Flame Pattern is Uneven Around the Burner


Possible Cause What to Do
Blocked or Dirty Burner parts

Burner parts (especially the flame ports) may be clogged or wet. Check that they are clean and dry. Refer ‘Care & Cleaning’ in your User Guide for instructions and illustrations on clearing clogged flame ports. After cleaning, check that there is flame coming out of each port.  

Blocked Burner Parts Illustration for TS.PNG

Burner Parts not replaced correctly

Burner parts may not have been replaced correctly.  Check the assembly and make sure the burner cap and/or ring is sitting flat on the flame spreader. Refer to Care & Cleaning’ in your User Guide for illustrations.  

Example 1:

Burner Parts not replaced correctly Illustration for TS.PNG

Example #2

TS_Burner cap.PNG

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