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Before Calling for Service:

If the grill does not function properly, use the following checklist before contacting Customer Care to arrange for service. You may save the cost of a service call. Troubleshooting is for general purposes only. If the problem persists and you feel you require service, contact Customer Care. Only authorized agencies can perform warranty service. See section ‘Service’ for contact details.

Grill Won't Light When The Ignition Button is Pushed:
  • Is the gas supply turned on?
  • Ensure the grill is cool. Remove the grill top grates and the ceramic radiant trays, watch the ignitor tip. You should see a spark jump from the tip of the ignition when the ignition button is pushed.
  • If there is no spark when ignition button is pushed, check the battery condition. Battery condition should be checked at least once a year.
  • Attempt to match light the burner (see section ‘Lighting instructions’). Check to see that other burners on the unit operate. Clean ignitor tip of any debris.
Burner Flame is Yellow or Orange, in Conjuction with the Odour of Gas:
  • Check the burner inlet for obstructions such as spider webs. Check the air shutter for proper adjustment.
  • Grill may be in a dusty area. Move to less dusty area if possible.
Low Heat with Knob In “Hi/Sear” Position:
  • If only one of the burners appears low, clean the injector and burner, clearing ports of any obstruction (see section ‘Care and maintenance’).
  • Grill may be in a dusty area. Move to less dusty area if possible.
  • Check for proper gas supply and pressure.
  • Pre-heat grill for a full 15 minutes.
  • If using LPG gas, check for empty cylinder. Performance may drop off as the cylinder approaches empty.
Rotisserie Won’t Light:
  • Is the gas supply turned on?
  • Is there a spark at the ignitor?
  • Does the rotisserie burner light when attempting to light with butane lighter?
Rotisserie Lights, but Will Not Hold Flame Once Button is Released:
  • Continue holding safety valve button in depressed position until burner remains lit when released.

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