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Possible Cause What to Do

Try drying an average sized load with items of a similar weight.  Try drying smaller load sizes. Some cycles have a lower maximum load size. Refer to 'Drying Cycles' in your User Guide.

If applicable, Use the EASY IRON or STEAM REFRESH cycle for items that crease easily.

Loading practice / Loads not separated
  • Place items in individually and unfolded before a cycle.
  • Try separating out larger items from smaller items.
Incorrect cycle selection Try using the ‘Easy Iron’ cycle to dry shirts and the ‘Sheets’ cycle to dry sheets. Refer to 'Sorting & Loading' and 'Drying Cycles'.
Delicate items not dried on ‘Rack Dry’ Dry pantyhose, bras and any other delicate items prone to tangling on the ‘Rack Dry’ cycle.
Sheets and duvet covers due to their size, are prone to tangling. Dry sheets and duvet/doona covers separately from other laundry, apart from towels. Ensure duvet/doona covers are buttoned or domed closed before drying. Try adding a knotted towel to sheets loads if you are experiencing a lot of tangling.  


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