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Control Panel



Control Panel.PNG


1 POWER Press to turn the dryer on/off.
2 Keylock Touch and hold for three seconds to disable all buttons on the display panel, except ‘POWER’ button. This prevents accidental button presses.
3 SmartTouch™ control dial

Rotate to select your desired drying cycle.

  • Red LED illuminates to indicate the selected drying cycle.
  • Selected dry cycle information is shown on the main display screen.
4 Digital display screen

Shows the following:

  • Drying cycle options and information based on the dial selection.
  • Dryer settings.
  • Drying progress.
  • Delayed start time of the drying cycle.
  • Notifications if an error is detected or a warning is necessary.
5 Adjust Touch to navigate through the drying cycle options and settings, and to increase or decrease the delay start time.
6 Options Touch to access drying cycle options and dryer settings.
7 Select Touch to accept the selected option or any changes made to a cycle, and return to the main screen.
8 Back Touch to exit current display and return to the main screen. Changes will not be saved if the Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG button is not selected first.
9 Dryness Level Allows you to select the level of dryness for your load.
10 Wrinkle Free Allows you to select a wrinkle free option for your cycle.
11 START/PAUSE Touch to start or pause the selected drying cycle. WIFI is not available on this product.


Timed Cycles (Time Dry, Rack Dry, Wool, Cool Air and Freshen)

When a timed cycle is selected the machine dries for the selected time regardless of the level of moisture in the load. It is important to check the items throughout the timed programmes to avoid over drying.

Control Panel_Timed Cycle.PNG

To adjust the length of timed cycles:

  • Select the desired cycle.
  • Use the <  > buttons to adjust the time up or down.
  • Touch the Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG button to confirm.


Extra Care Cycles

This machine has 5 ‘Extra Care’ cycles that allow you to further tailor your drying selection.

To select an ‘Extra Care’ cycle:

  • Select ‘Extra Care’
  • Use the <  >buttons to adjust to the desired cycle.
  • Touch the Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG button to confirm.


Airing/Cool down (Cool)

When the dryer has sensed that the load is dry, it will automatically go into a ‘Cooling’ cycle. During ‘Cooling’, the drum tumbles and cool air is blown through the items. This cools the load to reduce creasing if the items are left in the dryer.

Control Panel_Airing_Cool Down.PNG

Dry progress

  • For all cycles, the display will show the phase of the cycle that is currently underway.
  • For timed cycles, the display will also show approximately how many minutes the cycle has remaining.
  • For automatic cycles, the word ‘Auto’ will appear on the screen until the cycle reaches the cool down phase, at which time the dryer will display how long the cycle has left to go.
Control Panel_Dry Progress.PNG



This option enables you to deactivate the buttons on the display panel, except for the ‘POWER’ and Single_PadLock.JPG buttons. This option helps prevent accidental button touches.

To turn Keylock ON or OFF, at any time when the dryer is powered on:

  • Touch theSingle_PadLock.JPG button for three seconds.
Note-Icon.png When activated the Single_PadLock.JPG button is illuminated.

If Keylock is activated and the dryer is off:

  • Press the ‘POWER’ button, then touch the Single_PadLock.JPG button for three seconds to turn Keylock off. Select your drying cycle, any options and then touch Start_Pause Button.JPG to start the cycle. 





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