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Welcome to Your New Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

Thank you for purchasing a Fisher & Paykel clothes dryer. We are proud of this dryer and trust it will serve you well for many years.

At Fisher & Paykel we aim to provide innovative products that are simple to use, ergonomic, energy efficient and kind to the environment. Thousands of tonnes of laundry and 80 years of experience have been programmed into your dryer to help give you the best possible performance.

Your dryer has the benefit of heat pump technology, which allows clothes to be dried at lower temperatures, improving clothes care while saving energy. This dryer also has the advantage of not needing to be vented outside, instead it condenses the moisture from the clothes and collects this in a water tank, or for convenience, can pump it directly into a drain.

Your new dryer gives you the convenience of tumble drying and your clothes the advantage of not being subjected to the harsh over drying effects of the sun. Your clothes will feel softer, retain their shape and require less ironing. This dryer has been specifically designed to complement our front loading Fisher & Paykel washers.

Your heat pump dryer has numerous cycles and options so you can perform every drying task (including flat drying) with ease, allowing you to spend less time in the laundry. With the ability to automatically sense when your clothes are dry, your dryer is more efficient, making it kinder on your wallet and the environment.

Please take the time to read these instructions carefully before you begin using your dryer. Following the advice in this User guide will ensure you get the performance you expect from your dryer and that you get the best possible results. Keep these instructions for future reference and pass them on with your dryer, if it changes hands.

We hope you enjoy your new dryer. We have certainly enjoyed designing it for you.







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