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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

User warnings and sounds

User warnings – faults

In the unlikely event of a fault occurring, a fault code will be displayed on the external control panel and an alarm will sound.

  • Please take note of the fault code and contact our Customer Care Centre. Contact details are located towards the end of the user guide.
  • To silence the fault alarm press any button on the external control panel. The fault code will remain illuminated until the fault is corrected.

Normal Wine Cabinet sounds

Fisher & Paykel Wine Cabinets, can produce sounds somewhat different to your old Wine Cabinet.

Normal operational sounds include:

  • Fan air flow sounds. Fisher & Paykel Wine Cabinets have fans to circulate the air within each zone. This is quite normal.
  • Running/boiling water, gurgling sounds or slight vibrations. This is the liquid refrigerant circulating in the system.
  • Clicking sounds. This is the thermostat control and will click when it cycles on and off.
  • Gasket noises. This normally occurs due to a build-up of dirt and/or grime. It is recommended to clean the magnetic door gasket every three months to minimise these noises occurring.
  • Other sounds may be heard of for the following reasons:
    • Cabinet not level
    • Floor uneven or weak
    • Wine bottles not positioned on the shelf correctly.
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