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Loading your wine bottles

When loading your Wine Cabinet please keep in mind our loading capacities are based on the standard 750 ml Bordeaux bottles.

The loading arrangement outlined for the following models is recommended when using the Presentation shelf. Maximum capacities are listed, and storage can be maximised by removing the Presentation shelf and replacing with the additional Standard shelf supplied (except RF106RDWX1).



  • Before loading wine into the cabinet confirm that all shelves are secured and stable.
  • Store same case bottles in a vertical stack, this enables easy access to all your different wines.
  • Arrange the wine bottles you wish to cellar or mature at the back of the shelves and the wines you wish to consume in the short-term at the front.
  • Only interlock wine bottles of the same size together. This ensures stacking about the first tier is stable.
  • Avoid overcrowding shelves, as this reduces airflow.
  • Follow the recommended loading arrangement outlined for each shelf for each model.
  • Do not load more than the recommended number of wine bottles on each styled shelf.
  • Do not remove any shelves above another shelf to allow the shelf below to hold more than the recommended number of wine bottles.
  • Do not interlock wine bottles of different sizes that do not fit well together on a shelf.


RF106RDWX1 model

Maximum capacity: 50 wine bottles


RF206RDWX1 model

Maximum capacity: 83 wine bottles


RF306RDWX1 model

Maximum capacity: 127 wine bottles


RF356RDWX1 model

Maximum capacity: 144 bottles

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