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Operating instructions – Special functions


The external control panel automatically locks from any key presses after 30 seconds from being enabled.

  1. To deactivate Keylock and allow key presses. Press the ‘Keylock’  button for 3 seconds, when unlocked the back lit LED lights intensify.
  2. To activate Keylock press the ‘Keylock’  button for 3 seconds, when locked the back lit LED lights will dim.

 LED lighting

When the Wine Cabinet door is opened the light automatically illuminates both zones. When the door is closed the light will automatically turn off. For maximum energy savings, it is recommended to leave the light off when not viewing your collection. To keep the light illuminated at all times (on door opening or closing):

  1. Press the ‘Light’  button once and the icon will illuminate.
  2. To deactivate the light from illuminating when not viewing your collection, press the ‘Light’  button once. The icon will no longer illuminate.


The interior fans provide a constant and evenly distributed air flow throughout the cabinet, ensuring the optimum environment for wine storage. This function is recommended when large amounts of wine bottles are added at any one time.

  1. To activate press the ‘Air-Cool’  button once and the icon will illuminate.
  2. To deactivate press the ‘Air-Cool’  button once. The icon will illuminate.


(For RF306RDWX1 and RF356RDWX1 models)

In high temperature conditions the surface of the Wine Cabinet door may show signs of condensation. To eliminate this, the ‘Demist’ function is recommended.

  1. To activate press the ‘Demist’  button once and the icon will illuminate.
  2. To deactivate, press the ‘Demist’  button once and the icon will no longer illuminate.

Door alarm

A continuous alarm will sound if the cabinet door has been left open for longer than 60 seconds. The alarm will stop only when the door is closed.

  • For times when you require the door to be opened longer than normal eg rotating your wine bottles or loading more wine, the door alarm can be temporarily muted.
  1. To mute the door alarm, press any button on the external control panel once. When the cabinet door is closed, alarm mute will deactivate and the door alarm will revert to normal.

When the cabinet door is left open for long periods of time wine quality may be compromised.

Automatic defrosting

  • This model has been designed to maintain the relative humidity inside the Wine Cabinet alongside the automatic defrosting cycle.
  • Water captured in the reservoir tray from a defrost cycle assists in maintaining the humidity. Humidity levels may be further assisted by adding water to the reservoir trays and activating the ‘Air-Cool’ function.
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