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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Using your water dispenser (Ice & Water models only)


  • Your water dispenser has been designed for one-handed operation.
  • To dispense water push the dispensing pad gently, using a glass or container. This pad requires only a gentle press to activate.
  • To stop the flow of water, simply pull your glass away from the dispensing pad.

    Please remember that pressing very hard against the dispensing pad will not encourage the dispenser to operate faster or produce greater quantities of water.
        Fig. 20 Water dispenser

First use

Please make sure you have read and followed the 'Installation instructions' before using your water dispenser.


To avoid damage to property or personal injury do not put hands, fingers or objects up the dispenser opening.

Note-Icon.png Once installation is complete a few drips may appear out of the dispenser over the next few days as the remaining trapped air is cleared.

2017-06-28_1017.png Dispenser Lock 

The DISPENSER LOCK prevents water from being dispensed. This is useful when you are cleaning the external display or when there are small children around.

  • Press and hold the 2017-06-28_1021.png button for 4 seconds to activate DISPENSER LOCK.
  • The light above the DISPENSER LOCK icon will be illuminated.
  • Pressing the water dispenser pad will cause a raspberry sound indicating to the user that water cannot be dispensed.
  • To de-activate the DISPENSER LOCK, press and hold the 2017-06-28_1021.png button for 4 seconds. The light above the DISPENSER LOCK icon will no longer be illuminated and water dispensing will be enabled.
  Fig. 21 Dispenser Lock