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Ice Maker Not Working



Possible Cause What to Do

First Use

You may need to force a cycle of ice the first time you use it following the directions in your User Guide.

Ice Bin

Make sure the ice bin is set correctly underneath the ice maker.

Place bin so scoop is on the right side (left side for Quad Models).  Ice bin sits directly under ice maker on top left side of freezer.

Ice cubes sticking in Ice Bin Remove ice storage bin, loosen cubes and remove clumped ice. 
Replace ice storage bin.


We recommend you change your filter at least once every six months. Please refer to your User Guide for further information.

Inline tank frozen The inline tank that sits inside the PC may have frozen over, this is caused by PC set to cold or you may have a issue with the product, you will requires a Service Technician to assist with this - Click Here to schedule a visit.
Ice maker has not been turned on

Switch on ice maker, refer to ‘Using your ice maker’ section in your User Guide.

Column Fridges - Switch On ice maker, refer to 'Automatic Ice Maker' (freezer only) section in your User Guide.

The food mode is set to ‘Soft Freeze’

(Integrated Column Fridges Only)

Change the food mode from ‘Soft Freeze’, refer to 'Special Features' in your User Guide.

Reset Ice Maker

(Integrated Column Fridges Only)

Turn Ice Maker On and Off to reset.  Refer to the 'Selecting Features*' section of the User Guide for more information on how to do this.
Water line kinked/squashed Check water line for kinks/squashing.
Freezer compartment not working This requires a Service Technician to assist with this - Click Here to schedule a visit.
Water Pressure too low Check the Water pressure.

Water Supply – Household

Check the flow rate of water elsewhere in your household. If it is slow or there is no water, you may need to contact your water supplier.


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