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Special features and maintenance

Introduces the P120 ice box, door alarms, fault alarms, humidity control lid, and replacement of interior light.

P120 Ice box

This is designed for short-term storage of frozen foods and ice only. It is recommended that the tray is kept in place under the ice box at all times.

Door alarms (E169T, E240B, E249T, E373, E450 models only)

  • If the fresh food compartment door is left open the alarm will beep after 90 seconds.
  • If the door remains open, subsequent beeps will sound every 30 seconds for 5 minutes.
  • A continuous alarm will sound if the door has been left open for 5 minutes or longer.
  • The alarm will stop when the door is closed.

Fault alarms

  • If the electronic controller detects a fault from which it is unable to recover, an alarm will sound when the door is opened.
  • When the fresh food compartment door is opened and a fault has occurred, a specific number of beeps will sound. If a fault occurs, call your Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer immediately; the number of beeps will help the service person find and remedy the cause of failure.

Humidity control lid (635 mm wide models)

The fruit and vegetable bins feature a unique lid which provides two functions:

  • The humidity control lid seals the bins to provide a humid microclimate to extend storage times of fruits and vegetables.
  • The humidity control lid prevents condensation, which forms at high humidities, from dripping down onto the fruit and vegetables by retaining it in the grooves of the lid.

The ability to retain high humidity in the fruit and vegetable bin may produce small amounts of water in the bottom of the fruit and vegetable bin. This can be wiped out as required.

Replacement of interior light

  • Turn the power off at the wall before replacing the lamp. The interior lamp is located at the back of the temperature control box and is removed by unscrewing it.
  • Replace bulb, making sure it is tightly screwed in. Switch power back on again.
  • The replacement bulb must not exceed 15 Watts. Bulbs are available from your Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer.

Fig.11 Temperature control box


Your refrigerator is designed to operate for many years without the need for frequent

service checks. However, if your refrigerator is malfunctioning, have it attended to by your Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer as soon as possible. All electrical repairs must be carried out by an adequately trained service technician or qualified electrician.

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