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Door Trims Installation



Miscellaneous Components

Flow Divider Cap.PNG

Flow divider cap (1)

Door Panel Side Extrusion.PNG

Door panel side extrusion (2)






  • The door flow divider is pre-assembled to the door of the product. It blocks the air flow from bypassing in front of the bottom grille.


Reinstall the Flow Divider

  1. Peel the adhesive layer off the flow divider (A).
  2. Remove the 8Gx16 countersunk screw from the bottom of the door and re-install the flow divider using the same screw. (Do not tighten fully) (B).
  3. Press the flow divider firmly against the door panel (C). Make sure the adhesive layer contacts the door panel.
  4. Re-tighten the screw fully.

Reinstall Flow Divider_A.PNG

Reinstall Flow Divider_B&C.PNG
  1.  Attach the flow divider cap to the flow divider (D)
Reinstall Flow Divider_D.PNG
When fitting the air flow divider to the door for a toe kick height greater than 102mm, the divider requires shortening. Cut along the outline on both the divider and divider cover (E) before installation to the door. Ensure to file the cut portions of the divider and cover.
Reinstall Flow Divider_E.PNG


Install the Door Trims

  1. Reinstall the door panel top extrusion to the top of the door.
    • Align the notch (F) of the extrusion with the magnet housing at the top of door (G).
    • Clip the trim caps (H) at both ends of the extrusion to the top of the door.
    • Press the top door panel extrusion down into the top of the door (I) so that the dual lock strips engage together.
Install Door Trims_F_G_H.PNG
Install Door Trims_I_J.PNG
  1. Press the door panel side extrusion (J) into the gap between the door and door panel. Align the top of the door panel side extrusion with the top door panel extrusion. Do on each side.




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