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If there is a problem with your Wine Cabinet, please check the following points before contacting your local Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer or Customer Care Centre.

Product parts and accessories can be purchased through Fisher & Paykel Customer Care or online at (this service is available to selected markets only).


Possible Cause

What to Do

Appliance does not operate. No electricity at power outlet. Check that the plug is correctly connected and power switched on.
Check another appliance at the same outlet.
Check house fuse.
The refrigerator is in the defrosting cycle. This is normal for an automatic defrosting refrigerator.
The refrigerator is turned off. Press the 2017-07-20_0908.png button for 3 seconds to start the refrigerator.
Light not working. Light not functioning. The light cannot be serviced by the user. Contact your Fisher & Paykel Dealer or Fisher & Paykel trained and supported service technician.
Refrigerator not working. See previous section above.
Motor operates for long periods. Hot weather. Minimise door openings to allow temperatures to stabilise.
Frequent door openings.
Large amount of food recently added.
Temperature control set too low. See ‘Operating instructions’ section.
Doors not sealing properly. Check that the cabinet is levelled and gasket seals are clean.
Storage compartment(s) too warm. Temperature setting not correct. See ‘Operating instructions’ section.
Frequent door openings. Minimise door openings to allow temperatures to stabilise.
Large amount of food recently added.
Food freezing in the refrigerator. Temperature setting not correct. See ‘Operating instructions’ section.
Food placed directly in front of air outlets. Move chill sensitive foods away from the centre back of the shelf. Refer to ‘Storing food in your refrigerator compartment and variable - temperature drawer’.
Unfamiliar noises. Cabinet not stable or level. Ensure cabinet is on even flooring.
Freezer is defrosting. This is normal.
Water in the vegetable bins. Condensation is formed by the water produced by fruit and vegetables.

A small amount of condensation is beneficial for fruit and vegetable storage.

If there is too much water, store fruit and vegetables loosely wrapped in plastic bags.

Wipe out water with a cloth.
Condensation inside fresh food compartment. Frequent or long door openings. Minimise door openings.
Door gasket leaking. Check that gasket is sitting flat and sealing tightly.
Not unusual during periods of high humidity. Wipe dry.
Ice buildup inside freezer compartment. Freezer door not closing tightly. Move items in the freezer so that the door can close tightly.
Check and clean door gasket seal.
Abnormal sound. The refrigerator is not located either in a levelled cabinet or on level flooring. Ensure cabinet is on even flooring.
The refrigerator touches some object(s) around it. Remove objects around it. Refer to ‘Installation instructions’.
Slight sound similar to that of flowing water. This is the sound of the refrigerating system. This is normal.
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