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Getting started quickly

Operating instructions

Before placing food into the cabinet for the first time, it is important that you ideally, allow the cabinet to run empty overnight, or for at least 5 hours, to allow it to cool to the appropriate temperature before placing food inside.

Control panel features

  1. Sabbath mode, Control panel beeps, Fault alarm

  2. Key Lock

  3. Temperature adjustment

  4. Mode select

  5. Storage modes

  6. Function select

  7. Additional Freezer functions (only active once Freezer mode is selected)

Fig.2 CoolDrawer control panel

Your cabinet will default to ‘Freezer mode’ when you first turn it on. If you do not wish to use the appliance as a freezer, simply select another option from the other four storage modes displayed on the control panel.

To use the control panel

  1. Unlock the control panel by pressing and holding the LOCK  button for 3 seconds. A beep will sound and the Key Lock light will go out.

  2. Simply match the type of items that you wish to store in the compartment to the relevant storage environment (refer to 'Customizing the storage environment').

  3. Press the MODE SELECT  button to scroll to the desired mode, which best represents the food items you wish to store.

  4. The storage mode icon selected will flash until the compartment reaches a suitable temperature for food to be added into the compartment (this will take between 1 – 6 hours approximately).

The CoolDrawer has a wide range of operating modes, from a deep freezer, freezer, chiller, fridge, pantry and even a wine cooler.

To change the storage mode:
  1. Press and hold the LOCK  button for 3 seconds to unlock the control panel.
  2. Press the MODE SELECT  button.
  3. Scroll to the required storage mode.
  4. The storage mode icon will flash until the compartment is at a suitable temperature for food to be added into the compartment (this will take between 1 – 6 hours).

Storage modes

Freezer mode (0°F / -18°C)
For general frozen food storage (refer to 'Freezer mode').

Chill mode (31°F / -0.5°C)
Premium extra-cold storage for highly perishable fresh meat, fish and poultry (refer to 'Chill mode').

Fridge mode (37°F / 3°C)
General storage for fresh food, dairy and leftovers (refer to 'Fridge mode').

Pantry mode (54°F / 12°C)
Ideal for tropical fruit and temperature sensitive foods that require extra care, eg. bananas, tomatoes. Also perfect for foods recommending storage in a ‘cool, dark place’ (refer to 'Pantry mode').

Wine mode (45 – 59°F / 7 – 15°C)
Provides ideal long term cellaring for wine, as well as 2 additional customized short term storage environments (refer to 'Wine mode').

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