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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Customising the Storage Environment

Simply match the type of items that you wish to store in the CoolDrawer™ to the relevant storage environment.

Storage modes

To select any of the storage modes:

  1. Press and hold the 2017-07-10_1438.png button for 3 seconds to unlock the control panel.
  2. Press the 2017-07-10_1438_001.png button to select function.
  3. Scroll to the required function.

The icon selected will flash until the CoolDrawer™ is at a suitable temperature for food to be added. This will take between 1 – 6 hours.

2017-07-10_1440.png Freezer mode (-18°C)

  • Freezer mode is for general frozen food storage.
  • When using the 'freezer' mode, additional freezer functions can be used. These are 'bottle chill', 'fast freeze' and 'deep freeze'.
  • Only one freezer function may be operated at any one time.

All these functions can only be activated when the CoolDrawer™ is set to ‘freezer’ setting.

To use the freezer functions:
  1. Press and hold the 2017-07-10_1444.png button for 3 seconds to unlock the control panel.
  2. Select ‘freezer’ mode, if not already selected.
  3. Press the 2017-07-10_1445.png button until the desired function is selected.
  4. To turn a function off at any time, press the 2017-07-10_1445.png button until no freezer function lights are displayed.

Bottle chill

  • To rapidly chill your beverages, activate ‘bottle chill’. This drops the freezer down to its coldest setting for a 15-minute time period. After 15 minutes, an alarm will sound to remind you to remove your beverage.

Fast Freeze

  • This function drops the freezer down to its coldest setting for 24 hours.
  • This can be used when adding fresh food into the freezer.
  • For best results activate this setting 2 hours before required.

Deep freeze

  • The ‘deep freeze’ function sets the CoolDrawer™ at -25°C.
  • The reduced temperature will keep frozen food at its best for longer periods.
  • Ensure food is placed in thick freezer-proof packaging.
  • ‘Deep freeze’ has no additional temperature adjustment and no lights will be displayed on the temperature adjustment area.

2017-07-10_1448.png Chill mode (-0.5°C)

  • This setting sets the CoolDrawer™ at -0.5°C, just above the freezing temperature of meat. This temperature is ideal for the storage of highly perishable fresh meats, poultry and fish products.
  • The ‘chill’ mode can also be used for chilling alcoholic beverages.

The ‘chill’ mode is not recommended for any other food or non-alcoholic drink items.

2017-07-10_1453.png Fridge mode (3°C)

  • The ‘fridge’ mode is the ideal storage for most fresh food.

Fruit and vegetable storage

  • When storing fresh fruits and vegetables, we recommend that they are stored in either the bin on the top tray or the bin on the left-hand side of the main tray. Both of these bins are humidity controlled.
  • Each bin has a humidity control button that can be adjusted to care for fruit (2017-07-10_1458.png) and vegetables (2017-07-10_1500.png) depending on what is stored in the bins
  • To change between settings push the adjustment button located on the left-hand side of the CoolDrawer™.
  • If possible try to store fruit and vegetables separately. If there is too much water in the bins, the control can be adjusted to the 2017-07-10_1458.png setting.

2017-07-10_1457.png Pantry mode (12°C)

  • This is the ideal setting for a wide variety of foods that often perish quickly at room temperature but can be damaged by normal refrigerator temperatures.
  • The ‘pantry’ mode is designed specifically for foods that require a ‘cool, dark place’ for storage.

The ‘pantry’ mode is not suitable for highly perishable fresh dairy and meat items.

  • The ‘pantry’ mode can be used to ripen foods, eg avocado, tropical fruits and moulded cheeses.
  • Once ripened, foods need to be placed back into ‘fridge’ mode.
  • Refer to your user guide for food items that are suitable for the ‘pantry’ mode.

2017-07-10_1509.png Wine mode (7 – 15°C)

  • This setting provides ideal long-term cellaring for wine as well as two additional customised short-term environments.
  • When ‘wine’ mode is selected, the CoolDrawer™ is automatically set to 12°C. This is ideal for long-term storage (longer than one week) of both red and white wines.
  • Refer to your user guide for further information regarding short-term storage/serving temperatures.
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