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Integrated Panel Preparation




Integrated Panel material

  • 16 -20 mmpanel thickness (3⁄4” [18 mm] recommended).
  • Maximum weight of 15.5 lb (7 kg).
  • Adequately sealed to withstand moisture (122OF/50OC @ 80% RH)

Height of Drawer Panel

  • The following information is required to correctly define your drawer panel height:

Dimension Data Source
A Clearance between top of Drawer panel and underside of benchtop Your kitchen designer
B Height between top of spacer block and underside of benchtop Your kitchen designer
C Internal height of cabinetry to top of spacer block 644 mm
D Drawer panel height Calculated from A, B, C & E
E Bottom face of Drawer panel to top of spacer block (to ensure that bottom cover of product is not exposed) Your kitchen designer
(Min. 154 mm, Max. 184 mm)

To calculate D complete the following equation:


i.e. For the F&P prefinished panel:
476mm = 644mm+18mm-2mm-184mm

Height of the False Panel

  • Determine the height of the false panel according to your individual kitchen cabinetry requirements maintaining a 4 mm gap between panels.

F&P prefinish panel width is 896 mm assuming a 2 mm clearance either side of panel height (D) is 476 mm.

B must be min. 16 mm to ensure adequate clearance to benchtop

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