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Cabinetry Dimensions

Details the various cabinetry dimensions of your CoolDrawer.


Cabinetry dimensions (inches [mm])
A overall width of cabinetry frame 900
B minimum inside width of cabinetry frame 864
C internal height of cabinetry to top of spacer block 644
D internal height of cabinetry* (to allow for product and outlet duct height) max. 665
min. 764
E minimum height of toe kick 75
F minimum depth** of toe kick 40
G minimum distance from front of cabinetry to rear wall 560
H width of spacer blocks 50

Covers CoolDrawer models: RB36S & RB90.

*Minimum internal height of cabinetry can be 644 mm if outlet duct is not used.

**All depth measurements are taken from the front face of the cabinetry frame (not drawer panel)

Minimum clearances (mm)


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