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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Final Checklist

To be Completed by the Installer

  • Has all packaging been removed from the appliance?
  • Is the appliance securely fastened to the cabinetry? Does the drawer slide freely and close properly? Has the outlet duct been installed correctly?
  • Is the appliance level?
  • Are the panels securely attached?
  • Have the panels been properly aligned for correct operation and appearance? Are all clearances even?
  • Is there clearance between drawer and cabinetry frame?
  • Has the power cord been plugged into a properly grounded 3-prong outlet, which has been installed in accordance with all applicable electrical codes?
  • Is the control panel lit?
  • Can you hear the compressor motor running?
  • When a hand is placed near the toe kick, can airflow be felt under front right-hand side of appliance?
  • Have you demonstrated the basic operation to the customer?
  • Was this article helpful?