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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Special Features



Remote Control

Selected models have a remote control provided with the rangehood. This remote can also be purchased as an optional ccessory for other models of this rangehood. The remote is designed to make your rangehood easier to use. It allows you to adjust the fan speed and brightness of lighting without touching the rangehood.

Clean Filter Reminder

The clean filter reminder light will illuminate to remind you to clean the filters.  Refer to the ‘Cleaning and maintenance’ section of this user guide for details of how to clean your filters.

Delayed Shut Off

This feature allows you to delay the shut off on the rangehood for up to 25 minutes. This enables you to continue to remove steam and cooking odours after cooking is complete.

Heat Guard

When excessive heat is detected in the cooking area, a sensor will automatically turn the fan on at speed 5 and illuminate both fan speed buttons on the control panel. Once the heat decreases the fan speed will gradually reduce and return to the original fan speed selected.




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