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Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Fan has turned off automatically. Fan, light and
power buttons will illuminate red.
This blower is equipped with a sensor to automatically turn OFF the fan when excessive heat is detected by the rangehood. Remove the source of heat, wait until the control panel buttons are no longer illuminated before attempting to restart the rangehood.
Fan has turned on automatically.
The fan speed buttons will illuminate red.
The heat guard sensor has activated. The rangehood has detected high temperature and has turned the fan on automatically. To override press the fan speed buttons or turn the rangehood on/off. We recommend leaving the rangehood on to remove excess cooking heat. 
Refer to ‘Heat guard’ for further details.
Filter will not fit back into the rangehood The filter has been inserted the wrong way around. Turn the filter the other way round and try to insert again following the steps detailed in ‘To replace the filters’.
Filter alert button is lit red Filters require cleaning. Turn off the rangehood, remove the filters, clean filters and replace.
Refer to ‘Filter cleaning’ for further details.
Grease is dripping from the rangehood The filters are saturated with grease and need to be cleaned. Turn off the rangehood, remove the filters, clean filters and  replace. 
Refer to ‘Filter cleaning’ for further details.
Excessive condensation appears on the rangehood surfaces
  • Using an induction cooktop
  • High ambient temperature, humidity or low natural ventilation in the room
  • Height of rangehood installation
Condensation can be minimised, refer to ‘For best performance’ for details.
The lighting is too dim Lighting brightness needs to be increased. Press the Plus_Higher Button.PNGbutton to increase the brightness of the lighting.
Press and hold thePlus_Higher Button.PNGbutton to go straight to the brightest lighting.
Refer to ‘Light’ for further details on adjusting the brightness.
Rangehood surfaces discoloured Incorrect cleaning product has been used. Refer to ‘Cleaning and maintenance’.




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