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Fisher & Paykel Product Help


If there is a problem, check the chart below to see if you can fix it. If the problem cannot be fixed or persists, call your Authorised Repairer or Customer Care.
Query What to do
The time counts down but the appliance is not working (the turntable is not rotating and food is not heating). “Time” and “Demo” flash alternately in the display. Your appliance is in DEMONSTRATION mode. Set the time to “00:00”. Enter by pressing , press then press and hold the + and - buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
The appliance does not start. Check that your appliance is connected to the power supply. Check that your oven’s door is fully closed. Check that the child safety feature is not activated.

The appliance continues to make noise after cooking has ended.

To drain residual water vapour, your appliance is equipped with a delayed ventilation feature. The fan continues to function for 15 minutes after the end of the programme.

The appliance is noisy.

The turntable does not rotate properly.

Clean the wheels and the rolling area under the turntable.

Check that the wheels are correctly positioned.

You notice steam on the window. Wipe the condensation off using a cloth.
Food is not heated during a microwave programme. Ensure that the cookware is suitable for microwave ovens and that the power level is appropriate.
The grill gives off smoke at the beginning of a programme. This is caused by cooking residue on the grill element burning off. This may happen if you don’t use the grill function frequently or have previously microwaved uncovered food that splattered .The smoking will stop when the residue has burnt off. To prevent food splatter getting on the grill element, always cover foods when microwaving, especially those with a high fat content.
The appliance produces sparks.

Thoroughly clean the appliance: remove grease, cooking residue, etc.

Remove any metal items from the walls of the oven.

Never use metal items with the rack.


Error code Meaning
F01 Probe error (oven centre)
F02 Overheated oven
F05 Other cooking problems
F10 Information: Power cut during cooking
AUTO Auto Stop: cooking time too long
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