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The grill plus microwave function

This function lets you use the grill and the micro-wave simultaneously, which makes cooking very quick. You can use any of the grill levels with microwaving, as you choose:

Programming the Grill Plus Micro-Wave Function Display
  • Select the GRILL function (medium or high) PLUS MICROWAVE
  • Press the temp.png button to select the desired grill level: -1- 2 - 3-
  • Use the + and - buttons to reduce the grill’s power, e.g. -2-.
  • Press time.png and the cooking time figures start to flash. Use the + and - buttons to set the required combined microwave plus grill cooking time, e.g. 20 minutes.
  • Confirm by pressing twice, the oven switches on and the programme begins.

For cooking with a delayed start:

  • After setting the cooking time, confirm with and then press time.png twice, then use + and - to set the desired end of cooking time, e.g. 13:50 hrs.
  • Confirm by pressing start.png . The oven will switch on at the required time.

grill microwave.png   grill microwave 4.png





The duration can be adjusted at any time simply by pressing the + and - buttons time-fixed.png and - / +. 

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