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Cooktop troubleshooting

If there is a problem, check the chart below to see if you can fix it. If the problem cannot be fixed or persists, call your Authorised Repairer or Customer Care.


Possible solutions

There is a metal sheen on the glass.

This could be caused by copper or aluminium- bottomed pots. Ceramic glass cleaner should remove this. If the cooktop is not cleaned regularly and the stains are allowed to burn onto the surface, they may react with the glass and no longer be removable.

The glass is being scratched.

The ceramic glass is very tough and does not scratch easily. The most common cause of scratching is rough-edged cookware. Check that your pots/pans have at, smooth bases. Do not use a heavy-duty scourer to clean the cooktop.

The element keeps turning itself on and off.

This is normal and is caused by:

  1. The element cycling to prevent the glass from overheating.
  2. The controller sometimes cycling to maintain your selected heat setting.

The element keeps turning itself on and o and the cookware isn’t heating.

This is caused by pots/pans that have uneven bases and therefore do not make good contact with the glass. Cookware like this will not heat up properly. Use cookware with smooth bases that sit at against the glass.

The element status indicator lights (ON, HOT SURFACE) are no longer working.

Call your Service Centre. See your Warranty and service book for contact details.

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