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Using the rotisserie


  • If fitted, remove the sliding shelf supports from shelf position 1 before using the rotisserie.
  • Remove all oven shelves and trays
  1. Prepare the rotisserie supports  
    • Place the grill tray on the benchtop.
    • Insert the supports into the lock studs.
    • Push the supports all the way down to lock them in firmly.
  2. Secure the meat.

Take care, the forks are sharp!

When securing the meat, ensure that:

  • the skewer goes through the centre of the meat
  • the forks hold the meat firmly in place
  • the fork screws are tightened
  • there are no loose or projecting parts. Poultry should be trussed.
Note-Icon.png The rotisserie can rotate up to 6 kg of meat and is long enough to cook two chickens at the same time.

Fig. 26a Prepare the rotisserie supports

Fig. 26b Secure the meat

  1.  Position the skewer on the supports.
  • Place the skewer on the supports, and check that the meat does not touch the grill tray.
  • Twist the handle off. It must not be left in the oven.
  1. Place the rotisserie in the oven.
  • Check the fat filter is in place.
  • Slide the grill tray all the way to the back on shelf position 1.
  • Move the rotisserie drive hole cover aside (right-hand wall of the oven). Insert the skewer fully into the rotisserie drive hole. Ensure the left hand side of the skewer is properly located on the supports.
  1. Start the rotisserie
  • Select the Rotisserie function.
  • Set the temperature
  • The rotisserie will start to rotate.
  • Always turn the function dial to o (off) before removing the rotisserie.
  • Always ensure that poultry is cooked thoroughly.
  • During use, the rotisserie components become hot. If you leave the oven door open after using the rotisserie, parts of the control panel may also become hot. Use oven mitts and take extra care, especially when removing the rotisserie support rack from the hot oven.
  • Always clean the fat filter after every use. See ‘Care and cleaning’.
Fig. 26c Position the skewer on the supports




Fig. 26d Rotisserie drive hole cover

Rotisserie drive hole

2017-06-28_0928-2-fixed (1).jpg

Fig. 26e Place the rotisserie in the oven

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