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Using your induction cooktop

CI302DTB model

CI603DTB model

CI604DTB model

CI754DTB model

CI905DTB2 model

CI905DTB3 model

Cooking Zone

Zone Diameter



Recommended Minimum Pan Size

145 mm

1400 W

2200 W *

120 mm

180 mm

1850 W

3000 W *

145 mm

210 mm

2300 W

3700 W *

145 mm

180/260 mm

1850/2600 W

3000/5500 W *

125 mm (inner zone)
250mm (dual zone)


2100 W

3700 W **

120mm (un-bridged)
250mm (bridged)

* Maximum output when set on PowerBoost.
** PowerBoost is not available when cooking zones are bridged. See ‘Using your cooktop’s special features.

Control panel

To select a setting on the selector:


Touch at one point to “jump” to a specific setting


slide your finger along the selector.


To start cooking

 Touch and hold the ON/OFF control for 2 seconds.
A white indicator light will glow.
  will appear in the cooking zone displays.

 Place a suitable pan on the cooking zone you wish to use.

  • Make sure the bottom of the pan and the surface of the cooking zone are clean and dry.

Always place small pans in the centre of the cooking zone.

 Select a heat setting by touching or sliding the setting selector with your finger.

  • If you don’t choose a heat setting within 20 seconds, the cooktop will automatically turn off. Start with step 1 again.
  • You can modify the heat setting at any time during cooking.

If a display flashes  alternately with the heat setting

This means that:

  • you have not placed a pan on the correct cooking zone or
  • the pan you’re using is not suitable for induction cooking or
  • the pan is too small or not properly centred on thecooking zone.

No heating takes place unless there is a suitable pan on the cooking zone.
The cooktop will automatically turn off after 10 minutes if no suitable pan is placed on it.

Dual zone cooking (CI905DTB & CI603DTB models only)

When using a small pot on the dual cooking zone, be sure to centre it so that the inner zone will detect the pan. If the pan covers the outer zone, then the outer zone will automatically switch on.

SmartZones (CI905DTB3, CI604DTB & CI302DBT models only)

The SmartZones are large. You may place several small pots on the SmartZone and they will be detected as if they were one large pot.

The whole of the SmartZone is activated when a pot is detected. This means that other magnetisable items (such as cutlery) sitting in the cooking zone will heat up. Never leave cutlery or other magnestisable items on your cooktop.


When you have finished cooking

 Turn the cooking zone off by touching or sliding down to .
Make sure the display shows .
 Turn the whole cooktop off by touching the ON/OFF control.

 Beware of hot surfaces
 will flash in the window of any cooking zone that is too hot to touch. It will remain on and steadily lit even when the cooktop is turned off. It will disappear when the surface has cooled down to a safe temperature.

Locking the controls

  • You can lock the controls to prevent unintended use (for example children accidentally turning cooking zones on).
  • When the controls are locked, all controls except the ON/OFF control are disabled.

To lock the controls

  1. Make sure that the cooktop is turned on but no cooking zone is in use.
  2. Touch and hold the keylock control  for 5 seconds. The white indicator light above the control comes on, indicating that the controls are locked.

The cooktop will automatically turn off after 20 seconds, but the controls will still be locked when you turn the cooktop on again.

If any controls are accidentally touched while the cooktop is locked the white ‘lock’ indicator light will flash and the cooktop will remain locked.

To unlock the controls

  1. Make sure the cooktop is turned on.
  2. Touch and hold the keylock control  for 3 seconds. The white indicator light above the control goes out.
  3. You can now start using your cooktop.
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