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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Description of your appliance


  • The water contained in the tank reaches the inside of the oven via a pipe. This water is transformed into steam through contact with a hot surface placed at the bottom of the oven: This is the steam generator.
  • It is not necessary to add water to the dish being cooked. To guarantee AUTHENTIC STEAMING, your oven comes with a set of dishes specially designed for perfect steaming.
  • You MUST fill the water tank to the maximum level before cooking. Fit the tank in its housing by pressing it in AS FAR AS IT WILL GO until you feel it RUN OVER A NOTCH.
  • The appliance becomes hot during cooking. Hot steam escapes when you open the door of the appliance. Keep children away.

Presentation of your oven 



Two-piece steaming dish 

Food support dish (Fig.1)

  • Stainless steel dish perforated to avoid contact between the food and the condensation water.  

Fig. 1

Drip tray (Fig.2) 

  • Stainless steel tray for collecting the water from condensation. 
Fig. 2


  • For steaming, place dish Fig.1 over dish Fig.2 so that they do not nest into each other (diagram opposite). This is to ensure enough space for the condensate water to collect in the drip tray. If the dishes nest, the food may cook in water rather than steam. 

    For storage, place dish Fig.1 over dish Fig.2 in the same direction so that they nest into each other. 

Support rack (fig.3) 

  • Stainless steel removable support rack: must be placed in the oven. 

Fig. 3


  • The dishes are dishwasher safe. 

Removable tank (Fig.4) 

  • ​​​​Tank for supplying your oven with water independently. Capacity of approx. 1 litre (maximum level). 

Fig. 4


  • The use of slightly hard water will make it easier to maintain your oven. 
  • The use of demineralised water is prohibited (not suitable for consumption).
  • The use of softened water may damage the surface of the steam generator.
  • It is best to use bottled mineral water. 

Control panel and programmer 


  1. The Start/Stop button allows you to display the programs, and to interrupt or stop a program in progress
  2. The clock button allows you to set the time and the cooking time
  3. The Temperature button allows you to adjust the temperature
  4. The “Minus” and “Plus” buttons allow you to choose the type of program; to put the time forward or back and to increase or decrease the cooking time and the temperature 
  1.  The Start/Pause button allows you to start or pause cooking and lock the control pad
  2.  Cooking time and end of cooking indicator G Cooking mode indicator
  3.  Timer display
  4.  Oven temperature indicator
  5.  Chosen cooking mode indicator K Clock or timer display 
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