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Recipe function

With the “Recipe” function, the cooking time and mode are automatically programmed based on the food type and weight.

P01  Stuffed tomatoes
P02  Grilled red peppers
P03  Grilled hake or cod
P04  Salmon in beer
P05  Trout with mushrooms
P06  Langoustines
P07  Roast pork
P08  Roast lamb
P09  Roast veal
P10  Roast rabbit
P11  Roast chicken
P12  Traditional biscuits

P13  “Madeleines” biscuits
P14  Egg flan
P15  Bread: prebaked baguettes

Programming automatic cooking time based on food weight
Press the i.png button followed by the recipefunction1.png button to select the recipe function. P01 flashes on the display.

Choose your programme (P01 to P15) depending on the type of food you want to cook by pressing the + or - button, then confirm by pressing the start.png button.
Example: Salmon (P04)

The minimum weight flashes on the display (here 1.5 kg).

Adjust the weight (for example 1.6 kg) using the + and - buttons. Confirm by pressing start.png .

The necessary programme time is calculated automatically and this time is depicted on the display by 2 flashing squares.

This cooking time can be changed by pressing the + and - buttons. See table below:








The cooking time is reduced by 15% compared to the suggested cooking time.


This is the suggested cooking time.


The cooking time is increased by 15% compared to the suggested cooking time.


The cooking time is increased by 30% compared to the suggested cooking time.

Example: You want to increase the cooking time by 15% compared to the initial time, i.e. recipefunction8.png

Press the + button and then confirm by pressing the start.pngbutton.

The time calculated is then 12 minutes at a temperature of 218°C.

In this recipe, the Fast pre-heat symbol (preheating) flashes and the cooking time countdown starts after preheating is complete.


During cooking, pressing recipefunction1.png displays the number of your recipe and the cooking time depicted by the number of squares.

After a few seconds, the display once again displays the temperature and the cooking time. 

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