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Programmed cooking

Cooking with immediate start and programmed duration

Press the i.png button. Select the desired cooking mode and adjust the temperature, then confirm by pressing the start.png button.

  • Then press the i.png button to set the cooking time.
  • Press the + or - buttons to set the desired time.
    Confirm by pressing start.png.
  • Press the time.png button again.
    The cooking end time flashes to indicate that it can now be set.
  • Press the + or - button to set the desired cooking end time.
    Example: end of cooking at 18:00.
    Confirm by pressing start.png.

The cooking end time display stops flashing.

After these steps, the oven heating is delayed so that cooking ends at 18:00.




At the end of cooking (end of programmed time),

  • the oven stops,
  • the cooking time indicator and 0:00 flash.
  • a series of beeps sounds for a few minutes.

The beeps can be stopped by pressing the i.png button.
The display returns to the time of day.
The light inside the oven comes on when cooking starts and goes out at the end of cooking.

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