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Making cappuccino (using the steam function)

Details how to make a cappuccino using the steam function.
  1. Turn the cappuccino maker towards the centre (fig. 5).
  2. Take a container, fill it with about 100 g of milk for each cappuccino to be made and place it under the cappuccino maker. In choosing the size of the receptacle, bear in mind that the milk doubles or triples in volume. You are recommended to use partially skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature.
  3. Press the 2017-07-07_1328.png icon (B12) (fig. 22). “STEAM PRESS OK” is displayed.
  4. Press the OK icon (B9).
  5. To interrupt steam delivery, press the 2017-07-07_1328.png icon (B12) again or the ESC icon (B6).
  6. Immerse the cappuccino maker in the milk container (fig. 23), taking care not to immerse it for more than half its length. Press the 2017-07-07_1328.png icon (B12) (take care to avoid scalds) and press the OK icon (B9). Steam comes out of the cappuccino maker. For a creamier froth, immerse the cappuccino maker in the milk and move the container with slow upward movements. You should not deliver steam for more than 2 minutes at a time.
  7. When the required temperature is reached, interrupt steam delivery by pressing the 2017-07-07_1328.png icon (B12) again or the ESC icon (B6).
  8. Make the coffee as described above using sufficiently large cups, then fill them with the frothed milk prepared previously.

Always clean the cappuccino system immediately after use.

  1. Proceed as follows:
    Press the icon 2017-07-07_1328.png (B12) and then press the OK button (B9) to discharge a small amount of steam for a few seconds. This empties the steam spout of all traces of milk. 

To ensure the hygiene of the appliance, you are recommended to carry out this procedure each time you make cappuccino to avoid stale milk remaining in the circuit.

  1. Wait for the cappuccino maker to cool down, then holding the cappuccino maker lever firmly in one hand, unscrew the cappuccino maker itself with the other, turning it anticlockwise and removing it downwards (fig. 24).
  2. Remove the cappuccino maker nozzle by pulling it downwards.
  3. Wash the cappuccino maker and nozzle thoroughly in hot water.
  4. Make sure the two holes shown in figure 25 are not blocked. If necessary, clean with a pin.
  5. Replace the nozzle by inserting it upwards into the cappuccino maker.
  6. Replace the cappuccino maker by pushing it upwards and rotating it clockwise.
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