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Self Clean Function has Finished or Been Cancelled, But Cannot Use Oven




Examples of what may be occurring
  • The oven door will not open
  • The display is still counting down minutes or showing 0:00
  • The Self Clean function indicator is still lit the temperature indicator shows cascading bars
  • The dials and controls are unresponsive.
  • COOLING is showing in the display (certain models only)


Possible Cause What to Do

This is normal

  • If the function dial halo is unlit, you have successfully canceled the Self Clean cycle. However, the oven is still too hot to be used for cooking and needs to cool down.
  • If COOLING is showing in the display, you have successfully cancelled the Self Clean cycle.  However, the oven is still too hot to be used for cooking and needs to cool down.

Wait until the cool-down phase has finished. A long tone will sound and the oven door will automatically unlock when the oven is ready to use.  


Depending on when the Self Clean cycle was canceled, the cool-down phase may take up to 45 minutes. 

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