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Cutlery Basket

Loading the cutlery tray

  • The cutlery tray is designed to hold cutlery and utensils (A).
  • Use the cutlery tray to securely hold long or sharp items like knives, chopsticks or ladles. Place large utensils in the middle section of the tray, and ensure that knife blades are facing down.
  • Arrange cutley items on their side using the notches in the trays. 
  • Slide side sections to the centre if you need space for tall items below (B).


Removeable Sections

To remove the side sections from
the main tray (C)

  • Slide the sections to the centre of the tray.
  • Lift each section up from the centre of the tray to unhook the runners, then lift the section up and out.

To refit the side sections into the main tray (D)

  • Refit the sections back into the centre of the tray.
  • Slot the hooks at either end of the section under the runners on the front and back of the tray.
  • Align the edges of the section with the runner and clip back into place.


Remove the Cutlery tray

To remove the cutlery tray

  • Gently pull the tray fully forwards and lift it clear of the runners.

To replace the cutlery tray:

  • Place the tray back onto the runners and click the rollers correctly into place. 
  • Make sure that the runners are properly aligned between the sets of rollers on both sides of the tray.

Lift the rollers clear of the end stops and then the tray clear of the runners

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