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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Controls Overview

Details many of the various controls descriptions such as the wash modifier selector, keylock, and more.


  1. Off/On
    Press 2017-06-30_1409.png to turn the dishdrawer on or off
  2. Wash program selector
    Press 2017-06-30_1410.png to scroll through wash programs.
  3. Delay Start
    Press 2017-06-30_1523.png to enter delay start. (See 'Setting delay start')
  4. Start
    Press 2017-06-30_1411.png to start the wash.

    To pause:
    Press 2017-06-30_1411.png again or open door
  1. Keylock
  • Keylock disables all the buttons so that a wash cannot accidentally be started.
  • Keylock can be activated or canceled at any stage, including while a wash programme is running.

To activate:
Press and hold 2017-06-30_1410.png and 2017-06-30_1523.png together for a second until you hear a beep. The keylock indicator will come on and remain lit until keylock is canceled.

To cancel:
Press and hold 2017-06-30_1410.png and 2017-06-30_1523.png together for four second until you hear a beep. The keylock indicator will flash and then go out.

  1. Wash program indicators
    These show which program is selected.
  1. Display
    This shows: 
  • Time remaining (minutes)
  • the delay start time (hours)
  • Fault code numbers
    (see section ‘If there is a fault’).
  1. Wash progress indicators
    Shows the stage of the wash cycle currently in progress.
  2. Keylock indicator
    If lit: keylock is activated.
  3. Rinse aid indicator
    If lit: Rinse aid dispenser requires filling.
  4. Delayed start indicator
    If lit: delayed start is set.
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